The Start Early program at Kidzeria ensures a smooth transition into preschool for toddlers. This program will also stimulate the children’s minds with songs, poems, creative play and circle time. It is a 15-month program and is normally encouraged for kids, who want to take admission in mid-term (between Nov – Feb) to prepare for the next year.

A baby’s needs are significantly different from those of older children. Every baby has his or her own schedule – Pacific nap times, meal times and play times which need to be respected. The HMI infant care program has been design keeping this in mind

we boast the highest caregiver to infant ratio across the industry, in both India and abroad – we have 1 caregiver for every two infants. Each baby has his or her own personal crib and personal teething, security and transition toys. At no time baby is left un attendant – there is a separate cleaning staff so that the caregiver can give her undivided attention to baby at all times. And there are pediatricians on call at  each of the centres at all times.

As the child start exploring the world around them, the caregiver gently guides her development teaching her to speak, using age-appropriate learning toys such as stackers and blocks to hone her Motor skills, and providing a loving nurturing environment that is guaranteed to help her cross her milestone.


  • Pre Playgroup: 18-24 months
  • Pre Nursery: 30-36 months

The benefits of this program are:

  • Builds trust and confidence in a new place and sets a daily routine to smoothen the transition from home to preschool.
  • Provides opportunities to socialise in a small setting which will help the child to feel confident and comfortable when she is going for a full-time pre-school.
  • Inculcate independence by letting them explore and learn a few things on their own such as eating and wearing shoes on their own.
  • Toilet breaks during the Start Early program will inculcate the habit of using the washroom. This is an important step towards toilet training and sanitation.

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