Kindergarten Program Age 4-6 years

Kindergarten Program Age  4-6 years

For children aged between 4-6 years; Readers and writers getting ready for big school

Age 4 years – 6 years

Through our skill-based curriculum and personalized mode of learning, children analyse knowledge and discover new things independently. In Junior KG and Senior KG, our program also recognizes that children will soon be entering grade 1. Hence, it is vital that we equip them with the resources, both academic and non-academic, needed to succeed in school. By the end of kindergarten, children will be able to draw and write their own stories, perform basic maths operations and communicate confidently in front of the class.

In kindergarten, children develop the following skills:

  • Writing skills through emergent literacy.
  • Advanced language and reading skills through storytelling.
  • Advanced math skills with concepts such as bar graphs and word problems.
  • Public speaking skills through pretend and play and various opportunities such as hosting the class and annual function.

Foundation Level 1

When a child starts Junior Kindergarten, formal education can be said to have started, and the emphasis is on writing, speaking and formal mathematics. We strongly believe that expressing their own thoughts and ideas on paper motivates children to learn more. Our aim is to help each student become an Inquirer; i.e. a person who makes connections, thinks critically, works collaboratively, and develops conceptual understanding. Ultimately, it helps the child derive meaning from the world and decide upon the actions to take.
In Junior K.G., HMI kids start independent writing and Jolly Phonics (for reading). Along with understanding sounds, kids practice writing all alphabets, in both lowercase and capital. A junior kindergartener will also learn his numbers well; 1-50 orally and 1-30 in writing. In addition, they also learn to compare quantities; greater than, less than, etc.
A few new subjects are introduced at this stage: Hindi, Introduction to Computers, Music, Drama, Dance, Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education, and Science Exploration.

Foundation Level 2

In Senior Kindergarten, as part of our continuing effort to turn children into ‘Little Enquirers’ as mandated by the , we expose children to a variety of real-life experiences. For example, we take our children on field trips related to life skills, such as visits to banks, bakeries , fitness centres and more. We then ask them to reflect through writing a couple of sentences along with drawing about their visit. We give them an object and ask them to frame a story around it – extempore! In this way, imagination is given free rein and children learn to express themselves with originality and develop a spirit of inquiry about their surroundings, which complements their formal learning – writing, reading, numeracy.

All subjects taught in Jr. K.G., i.e. Writing, Reading, Numeracy, Hindi, Introduction to Computers, , Music, Drama, Dance, Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education, and Science Exploration are taken to the next level. A Senior Kindergartener at HMI can talk about the stories, writing, pictures and models they have created, ask questions to gain information and respond to inquiries directed to them or to the class, write number names until 99, do a few simple measurements, and much more.
At the end of Kindergarten, a Happy Minds International alumnus is ready to take on first grade anywhere.

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